Best Ever Homemade Tacos

Tacos, tacos, tacos!  So when I started my blog, I had no idea I would make recipes a part of it but never say never, I guess!

For those of you that love tacos, I decided to share my SECRET recipe with the world. I couldn’t start without giving Taco Bell some acknowledgment for their Cheesy Double Decker Taco Dinner Kit.

My family is a HUGE fan of meat and cheese and I have been making these tacos for years. If I had a food truck, I could almost guarantee they could easily be sold for about $3 a piece and most definitely would be a huge hit.

These are some of the best tacos you will ever make at home, so I encourage you to try them. I only use the Taco Bell box for the contents and add my own variation to it beyond the instructions.  You can actually just purchase the contents individually if you can find the Velveeta squeeze cheese.


Taco Bell Cheesy Double Decker Taco Dinner Kit (Makes 6 tacos)
• 1.5 lbs of hamburger meat (turkey or pork would work)
• 2 cups (one bag) of shredded taco cheese
• 1 pack of REAL bacon bits
• 1 pack of taco seasoning (favorite brand)
• Garlic Powder
• Accent
Optional (Lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream)

Step 1 – Cook hamburger meat until browned, drain, and place back on burner
Step 2 – Add taco seasoning pack from Taco Bell kit and additional seasoning pack to meat
Step 3 – Add one teaspoon of garlic powder and a few country size dashes of Accent
Step 4 –  Add 1 ½ cups of water, stir well, and bring to boil
Step 5 – After meat comes to a boil, cut down to a simmer for 10 minutes stirring occasionally

Now comes the FUN part

Step 6 – Take out soft and hard taco shells from kit and place on a microwave safe plate for 30 seconds
Step 7 – Remove shells from microwave and lay out soft shells flat on a clean counter
Step 8 – Remove Velveeta cheese pouch from kit and squeeze a small amount on each soft shell (reserve half)
Step 9 – Using a butter knife, spread cheese around on each soft shell; place hard shell on on upper portion of soft shell

***Watch the meat – Firefighter Disclaimer***

Step 10 – Once hamburger meat is complete, squeeze remaining Velveeta cheese over hamburger meat
Step 11 – Add REAL bacon bits and stir completely
Step 12 – Fill bottom of taco shell about a quarter full of shredded taco cheese, add a ¼ lb of hamburger meat, top heavily again with shredded taco cheese.
Step 13 – Once all shells are full, place on a microwavable safe plate and warm for 45 seconds
Step 14 – (Optional) If you have room, top with lettuce and sour cream

Step 15Serve and enjoy!!!  Please comment if you tried the recipe and note what variations you used


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