noun: fallibility; plural noun: fallibilities

the tendency to make mistakes or be wrong.
“technology is not a cure for human fallibility”

Why is it that some people believe they are infallible? We are all human and subject to mistakes, error, and failure. As a result of recognizing those past indiscretions, you gain wisdom and knowledge to use for future decision making. The moment we realize and accept that we are all fallible human beings is when we build the true foundation for learning. You can’t move forward until you know where you have been and where you are going. Hence, in order to establish a future direction, you have to accept your past and be cognizant of your present using your past as a guide for what is expected in the future. The full realization of ones potential is never known without conceding to fallibility. You can only truly do this when you recognize that “we are all fallible.”

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